Bank Top Cottage: Before The Renovation

Bank Top Cottage was originally three separate spaces, which were shared between the row of fisherman’s cottages that now comprise the South Side area of Cresswell village (previously known as Fisher Row), and were used for very different purposes all throughout it’s history.

In 2010, (the year of renovation), as you walked inside the structure from any of the 3 entrances, every wall was covered in old adverts from decade-old fishing magazines, aged newspaper articles that were no longer legible, stickers from car magazines and all sorts of personal items that would have been there for years and years. Each of the rooms were filled to the brim with various things; a lot of sea coal and sand, a rusty old bike, a broken external door, an oil tank for oil heating, bricks and (lots of) dirt. The roof was very unstable and had a lot of holes that daylight & rain poured through and every joist that held up the attic space were completely rotten from years of the sea air getting to them.

In the back of the building (where you can see the white garage door opens up to), there was a 2 metre deep pit that was used for mending vehicles. Now it is the open-plan lounge and kitchen area that faces the beautiful views of the north sea.

We have been told that sometime in the last 100 years, a pony was kept in one of the spaces, used for retrieving sea coal and molluscs from the beach. Over the time we’ve had Bank Top Cottage, we’ve had various people come and talk to us about their memories of the building before the renovation, that they used to play on the roof as children and sit and watch the tides. We love hearing about the history of Cresswell and welcome anyone who can add to our knowledge of the buildings or past residents.


Cresswell Skies

We are lucky to have captured this fiery sky scene over the village and beach during the 2017 summer holidays. The day had been a bit wet and grey but then ended with this beautiful array of colour. Northumberland skyscapes are magical!

Bank Top Cottage, Northumberland beach Cresswell beach Northumberland Bank Top Cottage Cresswell village Northumberland Cresswell village Druridge bay Northumberland

Storm Surge 2017

We had a the best seat in the house for the Tidal Surge at the start of 2017! Needless to say we were more than a bit apprehensive, but our tide defences are some of the very best and Bank Top Cottage has made it through many storms before this…

Apologies about my voice in the video and any squeals or embarrassing noises I make. Some of the waves hit the windows completely and even go over the roof of the cottage! Enjoy.

Aurora Borealis over Cresswell beach, Northumberland

Northumberland had the privilege of having the northern lights visible with the naked eye. We had to take photos to show you all from Bank Top Cottage! It started at roughly 7pm and lasted well past 10pm, shining over Druridge bay beautifully. It was so cold with the bi-folding doors open (it is the start of March after all), but it was well worth it to get these photos!

Bank Top Cottage Aurora Borealis Druridge bay Northumberland

Northern lights Druridge Bay Cresswell Northumberland



Cresswell beach walk!

These are a few photo’s from a quick walk on Cresswell beach (just down the bank from the holiday cottages!) with my partner and Emily the dog! These were taken a few months ago now, before the summer months started. It just goes to show that cloudy days don’t have to be depressing. The sea and beach were so reflective, it made for a truly beautiful evening stroll on Druridge bay.

Cresswell beach, Druridge bay Cresswell beach Northumberland Cresswell Northumberland beach cottage

Tour of Britain in Cresswell Village!

We had a lovely view of the Tour Of Britain 2015 cyclists as they did their Northumberland leg of the tour.

Tour of Britain in Cresswell village Northumberland
The winning group of three!

The tour arrived from the north side of Cresswell, having followed the Northumberland coast through Alnwick, Warkworth, and Amble on their way to the day’s finish line at Blyth.

The tour is currently on Stage 4 of 8.

We can’t imagine cycling all that distance: we wish them luck for the rest of the tour!